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. the secretary of state came in and said, well, i am calling for an investigation. that's required by law. it took jim clapper 45 minutes to say, i don't know. the d.o.d. guy said nothing. the fbi said -- we asked, have you been to benghazi? he said, no, i'm in tripply. why aren't nubenghazi? well, it's not safe. well, no kidding. we have had more and more questions than answers. the president really ought to take two hours and that was the tone of my letter and i tried to make it respectful and say, you don't want this... president romney, if he make its, doesn't want this. you do not want to lose the morale of our service people, people put in harm's way. that's not right. i don't like this response, after 9/11, we set up the counter-terrorism threat center. we set up all of these teams around the world. we, meaning the senate intelligence committee and the 9/11 people. here we are again -- first the uss cole, that wasn't first, that was the bambombings in africa, that wasn't first, it was mog scmoag somalia and blackhawk down. now we are to this? we still haven't got it straight! what
government for making this person available to be interviewed by our law enforcement occasions, our investigative team. it is not enough to write questions. you have to be on the ground to look people in the eye and too yearia came through and two days after the letter here we are. >> greta: and it is quite extraordinary because the investigation has been stuck and my hat goes off to you forgetting it down, for picking up the ball and running with it. but the president of the united states i suspect has just as much influence if not more than two u.s. senators so what is your explanation for the fact that you guys had to jump into this? >> my belief is that this administration is trying to run out the clocking when it comes to benghazi. this is a story that changes by the day. what do we know. we know that before the a i tack in april and june of this year the consulate was attacked twice. we know that the british withdrew their -- closed their consulate after the british ambassador was attacked in june. we know the red cross closed their office in benghazi after the attack on the r
of the aisle and passed a law to overturn the policy for once and for all. that was just totally wrong, unconstitutional and bad for the mission. >> greta: that might have been a war on women. what did you fly? >> it i flew the 810 warthog which is the world's best attack war plane. we show up when americans are on the ground and under fire and we he deliver firepower so they can live to fight another day and get home to their families. >> and that is single see the aircraft. up there as a fighter pilot alone just as the men are, right? >> exactly. 325 hours in combat and i had the privilege to be the first woman to command a fighter squadron in ca combat in u.s. history. i commanded my squadron in a very difficult time. >> we will be anxious to see what happens on tuesday. >> we are neck and neck and we are going to fight to the finish. i still need people's help out there. we got to fight down to the wire. it will be a sprint and i really appreciate you having me on. we're going to win. >> greta: coming up, it is so close, the battle for wisconsin. in 2008 the badger state went for p
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)